Tips For Making Your Outdoor Living Space Look Larger

Posted on: 28 March 2016

If you had just purchased a home on a small parcel of land, you may wish to make your property appear larger than its measurements portray. There are several landscape design tricks one can use in a small yard to make it feel as if it is larger. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your own small yard to make it feel bigger than it is in reality. Draw Eyes Upward Rather Than Focus On Flat Land [Read More]

Area Rugs: The Focal Point Of Any Room

Posted on: 17 February 2016

When it comes to interior design, there's a plethora of different elements you can implement to give your home the visual appeal and individual style you're looking for. Area rugs are often the main focal point of a room so it's important to choose them wisely. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in selecting the best area rug for your space so you'll have a living space that suits your own personal tastes. [Read More]

Removing A Subterranean Termite Infestation From Your Property

Posted on: 21 January 2016

If you had noticed areas in your home where woodwork appears to have been compromised due to a termite evasion, you will need to take the necessary steps in removing them from your home. Here are some steps you can take in eradicating a termite infestation from within your home as well as removing them from your property in totality so you do not have to worry about future damage. [Read More]

Create Personalized Coasters To Give To A Family Member

Posted on: 28 December 2015

Around holidays and birthdays, people are always searching for something unique and inexpensive to give to loved ones. Here's one idea for a cheap novelty gift. Use photographs to create personalized coasters to give to a family member on their birthday by completing the following instructions. The finished coasters will enhance the recipient's dining area and can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Materials ceramic tiles lint-free cloth ruler photographs  scissors craft glue craft stick clear varnish mixing stick paint tray foam brush felt scissors ​Attach A Photograph To Each Tile  [Read More]