Tips For Making Your Outdoor Living Space Look Larger

Posted on: 28 March 2016

If you had just purchased a home on a small parcel of land, you may wish to make your property appear larger than its measurements portray. There are several landscape design tricks one can use in a small yard to make it feel as if it is larger. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your own small yard to make it feel bigger than it is in reality.

Draw Eyes Upward Rather Than Focus On Flat Land

If your land is flat, it will take someone a second or two to gaze upon it and see all it has to offer. Adding areas with height will make the land feel larger as a person would need to shift their eyes from ground-level to landscaped spots above ground. The shifting of attention will increase the time spent looking at the area, tricking the brain into thinking the land is bigger.

Add a retaining wall to break up the monotony of flat land. Consider adding large flowerpots at spaced intervals to draw eyes upward. Even planting a few sunflower plants or sapling trees can help increase the appearance of space as the eyes would need to focus at more than one level to see all the yard has to offer. 

Add Some Exciting Attractions To Divert Attention

To help make your yard appear larger, consider adding a few conversation pieces to help take the attention off of the size of the property. This could be as simple as a colorful bird house on a pole in the middle of your yard to an exquisite fountain made from marble. Consider the type of aura you wish to portray in your yard and use your imagination to match it with a special decoration to help keep attention from noticing the lack of available space available.

Use Pathways To Give The Illusion Of Added Room

Place stone pathways in your yard to help break up a plain surface. Again, this type of landscaping improvement will cause the eyes to shift from side to side rather than glaze over the entire area quickly. Instead of using straight sidewalks, have the stones set down in curves or angles. This will catch someone off-guard, making them concentrate on uniqueness of the way the stones are displayed. This concentration will distract the mind away from the size of the area.

Use sidewalks along the perimeter of the property to draw attention to the furthest edges as a result. Planting flowers along these pathways will help make the area more noticeable as well.