• Put A Lock On It: Keep Thieves Out Of Your Garden Shed With Advanced Locks

    There's nothing more frustrating than losing your expensive or valuable gardening tools to thieves, especially when you need those tools to keep up your home's lawn, gardens and trees. But there's a theft-proof way to protect your steel edger, sprayer and other costly equipment. You can call in a professional locksmith like Bob's Lock & Key and lock your shed up tight. Here are some amazing locking features you can add to your gardening shed. [Read More]

  • Indoor Gardening: Planting Flower Bulbs In Glass Containers

    For centuries people have looked to flowers as a source of comfort and cheer. Unfortunately, in colder climates the winter months make it difficult for flowers to grow. If you get discouraged by the lack of foliage in winter, there is a way for you to enjoy the colorful blossoms provided by your favorite flower year round. The solution is simple; plant flower bulbs in glass containers: Gather The Right Supplies [Read More]