• Spruce Up Dull Picture Frames With These 5 Easy-Peasy DIY Tips

    If you are like a lot of people, somewhere in your home or storage space, there is a cardboard box or plastic tote filled with old picture frames that are a a little too dull to use in your current decor. Yet, you just cannot seem to get rid of these frames because you just know one day, you will come across a fun project, idea, or some type of use value. [Read More]

  • 2 Ways To Help Your Houseplants Thrive

    Many people love the way that a live plant can add beauty to an interior living space. However, even though plants are beautiful and help promote clean air within a space, they must receive proper care in order to thrive. Most people have witnessed the demise of a houseplant. Drooping or falling leaves, mold or insects on an indoor plant can indicate that the plant is dying. Here are a few things that you can do to help keep your house plants in optimal condition: [Read More]

  • Strategies That Can Keep Pests Away From Your Home

    When it comes to pest proofing your home, it's important to start outside. Although you're concerned with critters such as mice and insects making their way into your home, you might inadvertently be encouraging them to approach the walls of your home, which can then lead to them making entry. While you should always call a pest control service if you believe that your home has an infestation, the following three steps can reduce your risk of having such a problem. [Read More]

  • Tips For Making Your Outdoor Living Space Look Larger

    If you had just purchased a home on a small parcel of land, you may wish to make your property appear larger than its measurements portray. There are several landscape design tricks one can use in a small yard to make it feel as if it is larger. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your own small yard to make it feel bigger than it is in reality. Draw Eyes Upward Rather Than Focus On Flat Land [Read More]

  • Area Rugs: The Focal Point Of Any Room

    When it comes to interior design, there's a plethora of different elements you can implement to give your home the visual appeal and individual style you're looking for. Area rugs are often the main focal point of a room so it's important to choose them wisely. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in selecting the best area rug for your space so you'll have a living space that suits your own personal tastes. [Read More]

  • Removing A Subterranean Termite Infestation From Your Property

    If you had noticed areas in your home where woodwork appears to have been compromised due to a termite evasion, you will need to take the necessary steps in removing them from your home. Here are some steps you can take in eradicating a termite infestation from within your home as well as removing them from your property in totality so you do not have to worry about future damage. [Read More]

  • Create Personalized Coasters To Give To A Family Member

    Around holidays and birthdays, people are always searching for something unique and inexpensive to give to loved ones. Here's one idea for a cheap novelty gift. Use photographs to create personalized coasters to give to a family member on their birthday by completing the following instructions. The finished coasters will enhance the recipient's dining area and can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Materials ceramic tiles lint-free cloth ruler photographs  scissors craft glue craft stick clear varnish mixing stick paint tray foam brush felt scissors ​Attach A Photograph To Each Tile  [Read More]

  • Don't Let Hard Water Ruin Your Hair

    Men and women alike want great hair. If you're eating a nutrient-rich diet, using highly potent hair products and even avoiding heat damage, but your locks aren't as lustrous as you'd like, there could be a larger problem. The problem might not be your care regimen; it might be the hard water flowing throughout your home. Hard Water Hair Damage In the simplest of terms, hard water is best described as water that has high levels of undissolved mineral elements like magnesium and calcium. [Read More]

  • Getting Your Backyard Ready For A White Winter: Tips For You

    When you are in the midst of enjoying the autumn weather and watching the leaves turn and fall, your thoughts may begin to drift to visions of a beautiful white winter ahead. However, this may also mean that your thoughts settle on how unprepared you are for that winter weather to begin, particularly in your backyard. If you truly want your backyard to look breathtaking this winter, then there are some preparations you will want to make while the weather is still mild during the fall months. [Read More]

  • Landscaping For The Lazy: Keep Your Backyard Pretty With Little Work

    A beautifully landscaped yard makes the outdoors feel more enjoyable. A great backyard can also increase the worth of your home. The downside of a great yard is that it needs great upkeep. If you wish to have a great yard for your morning cup of coffee or frequent get-togethers, but are more of a homebody than an outside person, consider a few tips for lazy landscaping.   Lay a double wide walking path [Read More]