How Mulch Can Help Your Garden Flourish This Upcoming Spring

Posted on: 12 January 2023

Mulch is a versatile and beneficial material that can help your garden thrive in the spring and throughout the growing season. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or new to the hobby, adding mulch to your garden beds can provide numerous benefits for your plants and soil. If you have been struggling to come up with ways to get your garden to bounce back after harsh winters, then you may want to investigate how mulch can help you. Here are three ways in which mulch can make your life as an amateur gardener just that little bit easier as the weather begins to warm up. 

Retains Moisture In The Soil

By creating a layer over the soil surface, mulch helps to prevent evaporation and keep the soil moist. This can be especially beneficial in dry or hot climates, where soil moisture can quickly evaporate. If you have a lot of dead patches in your yard, or a lot of yellowing grass and plants, then this is likely an issue you face whether you know it or not. A simple layer of mulch that is carefully placed over the problem areas, combined with regular watering, can help your garden grow more evenly and with less dead zones. 

Acts As An Insulative Barrier In Hotter Climates

If you live somewhere that is especially hot and gets a lot of sunlight; then you might struggle to get anything to grow in your yard, even grass. Mulch can act as an insulative barrier between your plants and the sun, keeping them cooler and shaded so they have a chance to take hold. Once they have survived that initial period, they usually are much stronger in the long run, it is just helpful to give them that little bit of a helping hand to get past that initial hurdle of surviving the heat.

Creates More Vibrant Soil That Stimulates Growth

Mulch can help to improve the structure of the soil by adding organic matter as it breaks down over time. This can help to improve soil drainage, increase nutrient availability, and promote the growth of healthy, thriving plants. It doesn't take a lot of mulch to make a huge difference, especially if you can get it over the more dainty plants and thin layers of grass. You also often don't need to replenish mulch that often either. Just schedule a mulch delivery right to your doorstep and you can get underway preparing your yard for spring and summer.