Upgrading Your Home By Installing A New Fireplace

Posted on: 16 July 2021

If you are wanting to significantly improve the comfort of your home during cold weather, the addition of a fireplace can be an investment that is well worth pursuing. Yet, this is an addition that will require some significant planning as well as major changes to the home.

Consider The Type Of Fireplace That You Are Wanting To Add To Your Home

As you are preparing to have a fireplace added to your home, you will need to spend time reviewing the type of fireplace that you are wanting to add. For example, individuals will often assume that fireplaces will always burn wood to generate heat. Yet, there are also natural gas, heating, and even electric fireplaces that you may be able to add to your home. Understanding the type of fireplace that you are going to add will influence many of the decisions about this upgrade, such as the amount of space that the entire fireplace will require.

Ensure There Is Ample Ventilation For The Exhaust Of The Fire

A fireplace can create considerable amounts of exhaust when it is in operation. Unfortunately, this exhaust can be extremely dangerous to those inside the house. For this reason, the fireplace will need to have a ventilation system in place for removing these fumes from the house. While this will often involve the installation of a chimney, it is also possible to install less noticeable exhaust systems that will prove to be just as effective. One example of this can be the use of a flue that will be a fraction of the size of a traditional chimney so that it can be discreetly added with minimal impact to the home's exterior appearance.

Decide On A Suitable Storage Location For The Fireplaces Wood Fuel

If you have chosen to use a wood-burning fireplace, there is a need to store the wood so that it will be ready for you to use. When you are choosing a storage area for the firewood, you should opt for an area that is fully covered so that the wood will be protected from rain. Additionally, you may wish to treat the area around the wood for various pests as they can be prone to target these woodpiles. You will want to avoid getting these chemicals on the wood itself as this could release the chemicals into the air in your home when the wood starts burning in the fireplace.

When you know what you want and are looking for a fireplace for sale, contact a local fireplace supplier.