Inground Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Posted on: 1 June 2021

Diving into a swimming pool when it is hot outside is one of the fastest ways for someone to cool off as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it is possible to own a pool at home to enjoy the water as much as desired, but some homeowners avoid doing so for safety reasons. Inground pools are commonly a big concern for people who have young children in their homes, as they fear that an accident might happen. However, there is something that can be done to make owning an inground swimming pool safer for young children. For instance, building a fence around the pool and ensuring a pool safety gate is installed can make it safer.

Open and Close Gate With Safety in Mind

If you purchase the right kind of gate for the fence around your swimming pool, it will make it difficult for small children to open. Basically, you should ensure that the gate is designed to open outward rather than inward. When a gate has to be opened outward, small children will not have the ability to simply push it open, which is common for how they perform such tasks. The gate will have to be pulled open, and a young child might have a difficult time pulling it due to the weight. The latch on the gate will also make it difficult for a young child to pull open, as the latch would have to be released first.

Opt for a Keyless Lock on the Gate

Another method that can be used for making an inground pool safer is to purchase a gate that has a keyless lock on it. If there is a lock on the gate that uses a key, there is the risk of a child finding it and using it to get into the pool area. However, you will be able to use a code to open a gate that has a keyless lock installed. The only ones that will be able to open the gate will be the ones that you share the code with. There are also carded gate locks that can be purchased, but they can also be easily opened if a child finds the card.

Install an Automatic Pool Cover

Other than securing your swimming pool area with a fence and the proper gate, you can also invest in an automatic pool cover. The cover can easily be placed over the water to provide security in case someone happens to slip and fall into it. Automatic covers are secure enough to be walked on in most cases. Covers are also great for preventing the pool water from evaporating or getting filled with dirt and debris.