5 Furniture Finds That Are Making a Comeback

Posted on: 28 July 2020

If you want to update a space in your home, check out some easy to find furniture items that are making a stylish return to homes widely. Many of these retro furnishings are seen in contemporary retail venues, updated but definitely retro; others may be found in thrift stores, at garage sales, or even in your own home already.

Keep an eye out for these five furniture finds that are making a comeback: 

1. Sectionals

The first furniture treasure to look for is a cool sectional seating arrangement; these are found in a variety of fabrics, textures, and sizes, so choose what works best for your distinct interiors. It is easy to update retro sectionals in case you find a second-hand or gently-used sectional using new fabric, contrasting upholstery, or modern throw pillows. Try positioning the sectional in the center of your room or space, using it as your main focal point.

2. Smoking Cabinets

The way to tell a smoking cabinet from any other small table or curio cabinet is inside: smoking cabinets are typically lined in metal, usually copper. Vintage smoking cabinets are often ornate, wooden storage vessels that are used to hold smoking materials and tobacciana in climate-controlled conditions to preserve freshness. These are back in style as a unique side table, night-stand, or addition to a man-cave.

3. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds were conceived from the necessity for space-saving sleep solutions, which makes them perfect for smaller dwellings, guest rooms, and tiny homes. Murphy beds can be easily constructed and mounted to an interior wall, or you may go with something prefabricated when you can find them in vintage furniture venues. Trundle beds are also a great idea for small spaces and often easier for buyers to find.

4. Cedar Chests

Years ago, parents gifted their teenaged daughters a cedar chest to pack up all the items she would need when setting up housekeeping on her own. While this practice may seem a bit dated, it is very modern and chic to use chests and trunks all around the home. Vintage cedar-wood chests have the added benefit of preventing moths and pests from disturbing and damaging what is stored inside.

5. Dressing Screens

Create distinct areas of a room or space with vintage dressing screens. These are much easier to install and use then building partitions, and they also have a unique retro flair. Dressing screens are found in many antique stores or furniture consignment boutiques and they add style along with practicality and privacy.

Consider checking out these five furniture finds online and at furniture retailers near you. Any of these five pieces can be a functional furnishing that you use for years to come and that never goes out of style.