Window Covering Ideas For Picture Windows

Posted on: 7 December 2016

Large picture windows can provide an excellent view while also making a strong statement in a room. While gorgeous, sometimes you will want to close off the window for privacy. This is where the right window covering comes into play. The following are a few options that work well for picture windows.


Shutters work well in rooms with a traditional design style. You can get them in natural wood or painted in the color of your choice. Another benefit with shutters is the control you have – you can simply open the louvers to allow in more light. For a picture window you will definitely want hinged shutters that can fold open to reveal the whole unobstructed view when the desire arises.


When it comes to blinds, you have two main choices – wide wood or vinyl blinds or narrow mini-blinds. Wood and wood-look vinyl lend themselves well to most room designs. You can get them in natural wood or in any color. White blinds, in particular, look good with most design styles. It's best to get these heavy blinds in sections for a large window so you can pull them open easily.

Mini-blinds, especially those in a brushed aluminum finish, work especially well with modern and minimalist designs. They are lightweight and inexpensive, which makes them both easy to open and easy on the pocket book.


Fabric shades allow in light even when the window is closed, while still providing privacy. Roman shades pull up so that only the top of the window is obstructed when they are open. Roller shades can be retracted completely to give an unhindered view. Another option is honeycomb shades, which have a layer of air trapped inside of them. These can provide necessary insulation on a large window.


Custom draperies made to fit a large picture window provide you with a lush and attractive covering that keeps the window as the focal point even when the curtains are drawn. You have the most choice here when it comes to color and basic design. Drapes that are opened and closed by a cord are the easiest to manage on a large window. There are even motorized types you can operate with a remote. You can combine the curtains with custom sheers for when you want light but still need privacy.

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