Three Ways To Add Some Fun To Your Outdoor Space Using Shade Sails

Posted on: 28 July 2016

If you're looking for a way to provide some outdoor shade and make an artistic statement at the same time, consider putting up shade sails. Available in a range of colors and sizes, these flexible bits of cloth are eye-catching and versatile. Below is a brief description of shade sails and three places they work well.

Shade Sails Described

Unlike awnings, which are usually attached to a home or patio side on one end, shade sales are installed using anchor points or poles. The number of connectors depends on the shape of the sail. For example, triangular sails need three anchor points, while those with four or five sides usually need one on every corner. Sails are made from knitted cloth that is lightweight, resists unraveling and holds up well to sun exposure. The size and shape of your shade sails is determined by the space you are working with, as well as your personal preference.

Three Outdoor Spaces Where Shade Sails Work Well

Pool and Patio Area

Whether you have a postage stamp sized patio or a larger space that fronts a swimming pool, shade sails make a statement. By combining triangular and rectangular shapes, you not only create havens of shade, but create artistic interest. Shade sails also allow you to target a certain area. Set up shade sails over your swim-bar, or cover only part of the patio area so you can choose whether to work on that tan, or not. By using multiple sails, you'll have sun protection throughout the day.

Entertainment Areas in Your Backyard

Shade sails may be used whether your entertainment area is a patio space or deck attached to your home, or a free-standing structure on a quiet corner of your property. For example, if you have a hot tub or grouped seating areas as part of your backyard landscaping, shade sails may be attached to free-standing poles. Mix and match the sail shapes and colors for artistic interest. You may even want to coordinate the color scheme with your outdoor furnishings.

Don't Ignore That Smallish Condo Balcony

Shade sails work well for condo balconies as long as you can anchor the corners. Check with your homeowners association before adding your sails. The process usually involves installing brackets on the outside walls as well as a free-standing pole on the outer edge of your balcony. Multiple small sails tend to work better.  Innovative triangle designs include adding cut-outs so you have one sail attached inside the other. Not only are you gaining valuable shade, you've created your own bit of abstract art.

For more information, talk with companies who supply shade sails and awnings, such as Lehman Awning Co.