Spruce Up Dull Picture Frames With These 5 Easy-Peasy DIY Tips

Posted on: 13 June 2016

If you are like a lot of people, somewhere in your home or storage space, there is a cardboard box or plastic tote filled with old picture frames that are a a little too dull to use in your current decor. Yet, you just cannot seem to get rid of these frames because you just know one day, you will come across a fun project, idea, or some type of use value. Lucky for you, transforming picture frames that are anything but aesthetically appealing into some pretty craft creations you will be proud to display in your home is an easy feat. Here are five simple and easy DIY tips you can use to spruce up those old frames.

  1. Add some zing with sparkling spray paint. - Spray paint makes every DIY project a snap and requires pretty much no skill or know-how, but plain old paint can get a little boring. Grab a few cans of glittery spray paint and transform any picture frame into a sparkly creation with a quick application. Just keep in mind, sparkling spray paint can take a bit longer to dry than basic paint.
  2. Give wooden frames a retro look with chalk paint. - Chalk paint is basically flat paint that has a no-gloss finish, which makes it ideal to create a rustic finish. Use a paint brush to brush over the frame in long strokes, but don't cover the underlying surface of the frame completely. When complete, you have a picture frame that exudes rustic charm.
  3. Bedazzle those frames with glitz and jewels. - If you are going for a picture frame that will fit right into a princess-themed little girl's bedroom or you just have a thing for rhinestones, attaching loose gemstones to a picture frame is a lot of fun. Pick up a few package of loose stones and gems and attach them with hot glue to the frame.
  4. Create fantastic floral frames. - Grab a few bundles of silk flowers and pop just the heads of the flowers off. Attach the base of the flower heads to the perimeter of the frame with hot glue and you have a lovely floral frame.
  5. Attach individual personality pieces. - It can be a lot of fun to add a personal touch to photo frames that coincide with the pictures that will eventually reside inside. For example, if you have a picture of your dearly departed grandmother, you could attach some of her favorite costume jewelry pieces to the frame with hot glue.  

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