Don't Let Hard Water Ruin Your Hair

Posted on: 1 December 2015

Men and women alike want great hair. If you're eating a nutrient-rich diet, using highly potent hair products and even avoiding heat damage, but your locks aren't as lustrous as you'd like, there could be a larger problem. The problem might not be your care regimen; it might be the hard water flowing throughout your home.

Hard Water Hair Damage

In the simplest of terms, hard water is best described as water that has high levels of undissolved mineral elements like magnesium and calcium. While not necessarily a health hazard, the makeup of hard water can be especially harmful to your hair. Hair that is routinely washed in hard water will often be very dry and brittle, almost feeling like strands of straw. This is even when conditioning products are used regularly.

This is because the minerals in hard water often counteract the chemicals found in the hair products, making even the most potent conditioner less than effective. In some cases, the dryness can even cause the hair to break off. Additionally, for color-treated hair, hard water can strip some of the color away from the hair prematurely, causing you to have a color retouch applied more often, which can only further increase damage to your hair.

Solving The Problem

Unfortunately, the effects of hard water aren't just restricted to your hair. People with hard water in their home often have very dry skin and clothing that is dull or even dingy looking. Hard water can also cause spots on your dishes and unsightly rings around your tub. You can also look forward to greater water heating costs due a decreased efficiency of your water heating because of excessive mineral accumulation. Solving these issues is as simple as installing a whole-home water softener.

Whole-home water softeners work very similar to water filters in the fact that they treat the water before it makes its way through the pipes and out of your faucets. Many softeners work on a principle known as an ion exchange. When the water enters the softener, the harmful minerals, or hard water ions, are extracted and replaced with sodium ions. The result is softer water. 

If you suspect hard water, it's important to take action. Don't let hard water ruin not just your hair, but your skin and your clothing. Work with a technician to find and install a softener best suited to meet your needs. Visit websites like to get started.