Getting Your Backyard Ready For A White Winter: Tips For You

Posted on: 10 November 2015

When you are in the midst of enjoying the autumn weather and watching the leaves turn and fall, your thoughts may begin to drift to visions of a beautiful white winter ahead. However, this may also mean that your thoughts settle on how unprepared you are for that winter weather to begin, particularly in your backyard. If you truly want your backyard to look breathtaking this winter, then there are some preparations you will want to make while the weather is still mild during the fall months. Get to know some of the possible preparations necessary to ensure your backyard is ready for the snowy winter ahead.

Transition Your Outdoor Furniture

Some of your summer outdoor furniture is just not meant to be out and on display all winter long. As such, you will want to ensure that certain pieces of outdoor furniture are transitioned into a safe storage area for the duration of the snowy and icy season.

Patio furniture that is heavily cushioned or that contains a lot of fabric should be moved into an interior storage area during the winter. This is to prevent the padding and fabric from getting soaked through and then freezing, which damages the furniture and possibly causes mold and mildew to grow when the pieces thaw again in the spring.

Additionally, glass tables and patio umbrellas should be put away in the winter. Patio umbrellas are designed to provide shade in the summer months. However, you will not likely be spending a great deal of time sitting outside in the cold during winter. Your umbrella would then be folded up and exposed to moisture and freezing which could cause rust and malfunctioning in the spring. And, of course, glass tables could shatter from the heaviness of the snow and ice or from the extreme cold temperatures it would be exposed to outside in the winter.

Put Up Your Winter Decorations Ahead of Time

While many people frown upon decorating for the winter holidays too early in the fall, many homeowners  know that it is far easier to decorate outdoors when the weather is still mild in the fall rather than in the winter. This is particularly true of anything that needs to be placed in the ground, because once the ground freezes it can be next to impossible to do so.

You can begin to put up such winter decorations ahead of time. For example, if you want your backyard to sparkle with lights in the snowy winter, you can hang your decorative twinkle lights during the fall. Just because they are in place, does not mean you have to light them until you feel it is appropriate.

The same can be true for decorative wreaths and unobtrusive holiday decorations. If you are not comfortable putting holiday-specific decorations up so early in the fall, you could at least place and mark the anchors for those decorations in the ground so that you can easily place your decorations when it is closer to the holidays.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to get your backyard ready for a white winter this fall, you can get started right away. Your yard will be ready to go in no time. For more information on outdoor furniture and yard care, contact a furniture provider like