Landscaping For The Lazy: Keep Your Backyard Pretty With Little Work

Posted on: 5 October 2015

A beautifully landscaped yard makes the outdoors feel more enjoyable. A great backyard can also increase the worth of your home. The downside of a great yard is that it needs great upkeep. If you wish to have a great yard for your morning cup of coffee or frequent get-togethers, but are more of a homebody than an outside person, consider a few tips for lazy landscaping.  

Lay a double wide walking path

The one part of your backyard that will not need much upkeep is the walking path. Have a professional company lay down a double wide walking path, meaning a path that two people can stroll side by side. Choose either cement or have the company lay down bricks for a lasting path that will take little cleaning. A double-wide path will take up more space in the backyard and is will not be easily overrun if you slack on trimming the grass around the paths.

Hire a lawn service for mowing

If you do not enjoy mowing and have low motivation for it, your yard can easily become overrun by high grass. High grass is a bad idea because of the aesthetic issues and because high, damp grass can attract a number of pests, such as fleas. To keep your yard properly trimmed and free of any unwanted insects, hire a lawn landscaping service to come by and trim or mow. Set up regular intervals depending on how often the grass in your region needs to be moved. This way you won't have to worry about the care of your grass, which is often the bulk of care for low maintenance lawns.

Use potted plants

It is typical for homeowners to plant flowers and bushes in the yard itself. If you want to add some pretty trimmings to your yard, but don't want to tend to the ground and plants all year round, use potted plants instead. Keeping plants inside of their own pots and setting them close together can be just as pleasing to the eye as a flower garden. With potted plants, you can easily get rid of a dead plant without having to spend the time uprooting it from the ground. You can also bring the flowers and plants inside during times of harsh weather, which will preserve them and decrease the possibility of losing hard fought yard work due to flooding or cold temperatures. To learn more, visit a website like