Rain Gutter Concerns Homeowners May Need Addressed

Posted on: 15 September 2015

Rain gutters are critical for protecting your home's exterior and foundation from being damaged by runoff from the roof. While gutters may be critical for your home, they are often poorly understood by homeowners, and this is particularly true when considering seamless gutters. A weak understanding of these critical systems can make it more difficult than necessary for you to make decisions when replacing your gutters, but a couple of answers for routine questions may help strengthen this understanding. 

What Are Seamless Gutters And Why Are They A Better Option Than Traditional Gutters?

The seam on your gutters can be a major source of leaks that can send water running down the sides of your home or dripping onto the soil below. This problem often becomes worse as the gutters age because these seams will gradually loosen. Over time, these leaks can cause the sides of the home to rot or they may erode the soil along the base of the home. 

Seamless gutters about this problem because they are made to be assembled in as few pieces as possible. What seams must be present are often sealed using a soldering iron to further improve their resistance to leaks. 

Is It Inconvenient To Get An Estimate For Seamless Rain Gutters?

Before these gutters can be installed, you will have to get an estimate from the contractor (like Rainbow Gutter Co.). There are some people that assume getting these estimates will be extremely inconvenient because they will have to be home for this work to be done. However, it should be noted that there is generally no reason for you to be home when an estimate is being prepared. 

The contractor will simply need to take a series of measurements of the roof as well as inspecting the current gutters and making sure the edge of the roof is free of rot. In instances where there is rot, this damage will have to be repaired before the new gutters can be installed, and this will be included in the estimate. The current gutters must be inspected to determine the difficulty of removing them, and this labor expense will be factored into your estimate as well. 

The installation of seamless gutters can be a great way of reducing the chances that runoff from the roof harms your home's exterior or foundation. Being informed about the benefits of seamless gutters versus traditional ones as well as understanding the process of getting an estimate can reduce the challenges that you may experience when deciding whether to opt for this type of upgrade to your house.