Three Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Next Summer Party

Posted on: 14 July 2015

Whether you're hosting a birthday or a Midsummer Night's Dream party, setting the mood with outdoor lighting is a crucial part of putting on a successful event. Staging a party under harsh patio or backyard lights can grill your guests faster than your stuff will be finished on the barbeque. So if you want an unforgettable event that's both stylish and fun, consider three awesome outdoor lighting ideas you can easily create for your next summer party.

Make It Twinkle

Create a memorable outdoor party with strand lighting that makes your guests feel like they're in a fairytale. Strand lighting comes in all forms, from subtle twinkle lights to antique light bulbs. Because strands can be connected to one another, you can light up larger and hard-to-illuminate areas of your yard without having guests trip on cords. Though you can opt for electrical versions of strand lighting, you may also want to consider adding strands that are solar-powered to get a stunning effect without electric cables running throughout your yard. If you opt for solar, make sure you set up lighting a couple of days in advance though so there is an optimal amount of time you have to charge the batteries by the sun.

Go Low Key

Consider going low key with lighting by adding candle lanterns to your outdoor areas by visiting a store such as Alive With Items. Whether you have comfortable seating set up by the pool, patio, or in the garden, candle lanterns can provide the perfect way to light paths, tables, and create a sophisticated glow. Glass candle lanterns are trending in outdoor lighting, so you can find them almost anywhere online or in stores and they are available in a million different styles and size options. Outdoor candle lanterns are great for using at your next party too, because you can switch out traditional wick candles for safer flameless and LED versions that still look amazing under the glass. 

A Subtle Glow

For the lowest lighting available, consider having a glow party with glow paint and glowsticks you can buy in most novelty or dollar stores, and using LED light spheres or cubes at seating and table space. Adding LED buckets for drinks, as well as lanterns can be a fun way to add color and light as well. You can also consider adding black light illumination for an extra pop with the paint and glowsticks. Though this is the option that will give your party the least light, it can be fun and impacting if used correctly. Consider painting the inside of jars with glow paint or opening the contents of a glowstick and spattering it into the jar. If you opt for this at your party, you should also have a few glowsticks and accessories on hand for guests to wear.