Five Important Questions To Ask A Prospective Moving Company

Posted on: 8 May 2015

If you're getting ready to move, you know that there are a myriad of details to handle, everything from packing your belongings to finding a new school for your kids. It may be tempting to hire the first moving company you approach, so you can check that task off of your list. However, not all moving companies are alike. It pays to look at a few companies before making a final decision when you try to find a local mover.

Five questions to ask a prospective moving company

1. Do you have client references I can call? Even if you know the name of the moving company, it's a good idea to ask for references and call them. Many moving companies use local affiliates or franchises. Just because you were satisfied with the company's service in one city doesn't mean that you'll get the same service in another city.

2. What's included in the moving quote? Some companies supply some packing materials; with others, you have to purchase these items separately or supply your own. Make sure that you know exactly what is included so that you can intelligently compare prices.

3. Is the quote binding? Some moving companies, but not all, will give you a "not to exceed" quote after taking a look at your belongings. This type of quote can give you the peace of mind of knowing you won't get an unexpectedly large bill at the end of your move.

4. What extra charges are involved? There are a myriad of potential extra charges involved with a move, things like fees for storage if your new home isn't ready when the movers arrive, fees for having to navigate flights of steps to access your new living space, fees for extra heavy objects and fees for parking. Make sure that you understand all of the fees you may encounter.

5. Are they licensed and insured? All interstate moving companies should have a Department of Transportation (DOT) license number. In addition, you want your moving company to carry insurance, just in case any of your belongings are lost or damaged during the move. You can verify both of these things on the DOT's website.

The moving company you choose can strongly affect how smoothly your move goes. Make sure that you have the best company for your needs by asking for references, making sure that you know what is included in the quote and inquiring about any possible extra fees.