How To Repair Holes In Your Window Screens

Posted on: 23 March 2015

If you have holes or rips in your window screens, you want to repair them, so you can enjoy the breeze without letting mosquitoes inside. Plus, if you have badly damaged screens that were slashed by your dog or kids, they look bad from the outside and may even get you in trouble with the local code enforcement or home owner's association. You can hire a contractor to replace your screens, or you can fix the damage yourself. Here are some things you can do.

How To Fix Tiny Holes In Your Screens

A hole doesn't have to be very big to let in a mosquito. Fortunately, tiny holes are easy to fix. If the screen is made from wire, you can reposition the wires and then apply a dab of clear glue on them to hold them in place. If your screens are made of mesh, you can sew the hole closed using invisible thread. You'll have to remove the screen, or have someone stand on the other side to pass the needle back through to you. Once the thread fills the hole, it's a good idea to secure it in place with clear glue.

If the hole is in a place that isn't very noticeable, you can even try covering it with a tiny circle of duct tape or clear tape. However, this is only a temporary measure, since it will come loose when it rains. You can also buy decorative screen magnets that attach to each other over the hole. These are shaped like butterflies, lady bugs, or some other design. They're very easy to apply, and since they're pretty, it doesn't matter if your repairs are visible.

How To Repair Larger Holes

If the hole is a little bigger, then you'll need to buy a screen patch kit to make the repairs. These kits come with squares of screen already cut out and ready to apply. You can buy wire squares if you have a wire screen. To apply these, you twist the wires into your screen so the patch attaches and covers the hole. Mesh patches come in different varieties. Some of them adhere by peeling off a covering and sticking them over the hole. Others bond to the screen when you blow hot air on them from a hair dryer.

If you have several repairs to make, you can buy a roll of screen material and make your own patches. You may need to attach the patch with invisible thread or clear glue. While patches cover the hole and keep bugs out, they are usually easy to see. Therefore, if the hole is very big, or if it is in a highly visible spot, then you may want to replace the entire screen.

How To Repair Big Rips

The best way to repair rips and big holes is to replace the entire screen. You can buy rolls of screen material from a home improvement store to do the job. You may want to buy a kit, because you'll need spline and a roller too. First, you remove the old screen by pulling the spine out of the track. Then you cut the new screen to size and place it over the window frame. Place spline around the track and push it in the groove with the roller tool.

Although the procedure for replacing a window screen is very simple, it is actually rather difficult to do the job right. The lines of the screen need to be kept level, and you have to keep the right tension on the mesh fabric, or the screen will sag. If you have several screens to replace, it may be worth it to hire a contractor to do the job and save yourself some frustration. Talk to experts like Northridge Screen for more information.