3 Helpful Steps to Take When Removing Raccoons from Your Property

Posted on: 30 January 2015

If you have a home, the last thing you expect to show up is a raccoon. These pests are mischievous, smart creatures who can find ways into your home. To deal with this pest, you can take these steps.

Set Live Traps

It's important to get the raccoon out of your home as quickly as possible, as the raccoon may be carrying all sorts of diseases. If you don't want to harm the pest, you can set out live traps. These traps are constructed out of chew-proof steel, so the pest isn't going to be able to chew their way out.

These traps utilize a tripping mechanism. Once the raccoon makes its way inside the trap and touches the end, the door instantly closes. They won't be able to escape, and you can safely relocate them away from your home. In order for the trap to be effective, you need to put bait inside it. Some great foods to use for bait include marshmallows, watermelons, sweet corn, and bacon.

Seal Possible Entry Points

In order to prevent more raccoons from getting into your home, you need to seal possible entry points. A lot of times, raccoons will get into your home through the chimney. You can stop this from happening by setting up a chimney cap on top of the chimney. These caps have a tight fit installation, so raccoons can't squeak their way through no matter how hard they try.

You should also check the attic fan, attic venting, shingles and siding of your home. If any of these parts of your home are damaged, you need to seal them up and repair them as quickly as possible.

Get Help from a Pest Control Company

If you don't have the time or confidence to remove a raccoon from your home, you can get help from a pest control company. These companies specialize in these types of pest removals, and they have a lot of specialized equipment.

One of the best and most humane ways these companies can remove raccoons from your property is with ultrasonic pest repellents. These devices are motion sensored, so once the raccoon gets up close, an ultrasonic wave is emitted. This wave chases the raccoon away from your property, so it doesn't have to get harmed at all.

Pest control companies such as Greenleaf Organic Pest Management can also do a thorough sweep of your property, making sure all of the food sources have been picked up and that the entry points have been closed up.

Raccoons are extremely smart, and sometimes they may end up in your home. Don't' panic, though, as you can take the steps above.