Three Unique Features To Include In Your New Log Home

Posted on: 21 January 2015

If you are having a luxury log home built, you may want more details in the design than with a rustic log cabin. This can be things like open ceilings in the foyer and living area, or hand carved beams on the exterior.  The handcrafted details can also be done with things like log staircases and railings. If you want to have unique features in the construction of your new log home, here are three handcrafted details you may want to consider having added:

1. Multiple Story Open Ceiling Designs

Modern home designs often have open ceilings, which can also be done with your log home construction. It is actually something that will look great with the addition of balconies to overlook living space like foyers, kitchens and living rooms.  The builder can also make these features stand out by using pole construction methods, which is where longer logs will be used as poles to support the roof structure above.  The pole design will add a focal point for large open designs.

2. Hand Carved Ends On Exterior Beam Work

There are many possibilities with log home construction: you can even have hand carved details in your home. This can be done to rafter beams on the exterior of your home to give them more of a unique look. If you have a large porch area, you may even want to have carvings done to the ends of the beams to give them more of a personal touch.  The beams that have detailing on them can be made of larger logs, which will help to make these design details stand out even more.

3. Log Staircases And Railings For Interior Finishing

Many people choose to just have a conventional staircase installed in their log homes, but this is another feature that can be made completely from logs. If you want to continue this log finish work, you can also have the railings done with logs to add more detail.  If you want to combine it with something modern, you can do glass railings with a log border around the glass. This will give you modern railings with a design that matches your luxury log home.

These are some of the things that you may want to consider doing when having a log home built. If you want some of these features added to your home, contact a luxury log home building company like Pioneer Log Homes of BC and ask them about including some of these handcrafted features in the design.