Refrigerator Condenser Fan: How It Works To Cool Food & How To Clean It When A Problem Arises

Posted on: 16 January 2015

Are you tired of your refrigerator running in an inefficient manner and causing food to spoil? Several things may be necessary to prevent the problem, including cleaning or replacing the condenser fan that is responsible for help the refrigerator cool food. In this article, discover how a refrigerator condenser fan is supposed to operate and how you can attempt cleaning it before buying a new part.

How is a Refrigerator Condenser Fan Made to Operate?

The condenser fan in your refrigerator is designed to operate inside of the compressor department to help with the transformation of the coolant. The fan is able to turn refrigerant from a liquid into a gas, which is the key to your refrigerator getting cold enough to keep food at a temperature where it won't quickly spoil. The compressor department brings air to the condenser fan from the exterior so a heat exchange will take place in the refrigerator coil for obtaining ambient air.

If the condenser fan is out of order, you may need to contact an appliance repair specialist to replace it. Motor problems are the main reason a condenser fan may stop working to keep your refrigerator cold. Sometimes removing dirt from off of the motor is good enough to bring the fan back to a working condition.

You can leave cleaning the motor to a specialist, or you can attempt doing it on your own. A refrigerator repair can run an average of $275.34, but it will depend on what is needed and the hours of labor worked. Failure to bring the condenser fan to a good condition can lead to it overheating and possibly setting your house on fire.

How Should a Refrigerator Condenser Fan Be Cleaned?

Before cleaning the condenser fan, make sure you know how to locate it. Some refrigerators have the fan in an area on the back, while others have it located at the bottom. You should be able to see fan blades through a grate on the front if it is at the bottom. Simply unplug your refrigerator to protect yourself from electrical shock and look for the fan on the back if you don't see a grate on the bottom.

Remove any screws in the grate with a screwdriver and take the grate off. Use an upholstery brush to remove dirt off of the fan. Remove dirt that is hard to reach with a vacuum cleaner attachment and replace the grate. If cleaning the condenser fan does not work, either you need a new fan or a new refrigerator. Call an appliance specialist like East End Refrigeration before making a decision or if you need more help.