Put A Lock On It: Keep Thieves Out Of Your Garden Shed With Advanced Locks

Posted on: 28 December 2014

There's nothing more frustrating than losing your expensive or valuable gardening tools to thieves, especially when you need those tools to keep up your home's lawn, gardens and trees. But there's a theft-proof way to protect your steel edger, sprayer and other costly equipment. You can call in a professional locksmith like Bob's Lock & Key and lock your shed up tight. Here are some amazing locking features you can add to your gardening shed.

Why Should You Install a New Shed Lock?

Although most sheds come with padlocks, thieves may have the ability to pick them with hand-made or professional lock-picking tools. Some thieves use a technique called "bumping locks" to open up your shed's padlock. The perpetrators manipulate a key with different tools, place it inside your shed's padlock, and then tap the lock with a hammer or some other hard object until the lock opens. No matter how the thieves enter your shed, you need to ask your locksmith about his or her advanced shed locks.

What Advanced Locking Features Should You Choose for Your Shed?

Advanced locking systems come with keypads, electronic keys and other high-tech mechanisms that put a stop to break-ins. Here are some features you should look into:

  • Coded door locks — Coded door locks require a unique code to open and can be professionally installed by your locksmith. You can always ask your locksmith to change the code every few months for added protection against smart thieves who know how to break codes.
  • Remote-controlled locks — Protect your gardening supplies and equipment with a lock that only opens when you push a wireless remote. You can also interface the lock with your cell phone or other electronic device.
  • Keyless lock without keypad — This type of lock doesn't come with a keypad to open. Instead, it features a smooth handle that activates when you use a remote, or when you slide a special card through its security slot.

The different types of security measures above may appear costly to install, but they may actually save you money in the future. Replacing your gardening tools can get expensive, especially when you need to do so all the time. So, keep this in mind when you speak to your locksmith.

If you have questions about protecting your garden shed with an advanced locking system, contact your locksmith for a detailed evaluation and consultation of your shed. The locksmith may also offer other protective systems you may find beneficial for your needs.